How could you offer me 50% discount?

We work with our partners using alternative currencies to avoid tax rates, this way you can receive cheaper pretty much anything you like!

How can I know my information is safe?

We won’t use or sell or share your personal information with 3rd party, during a transaction if we agree and you must send us your login information of your game account, please send us a temporary password and make sure you have verified your account with your email, after transaction is done change your password again to something only you know and dont share with anybody else.

What payment methods are available?


How does the RP process work?

  1. You tell us how much rp you want and you pay us 50% of RP price (ie. if 2600rp costs 20€, you pay me 10€)
  2. Make sure you have verified your account email
  3. You give us your username + temporary password + server (or you can give us any account level 15 friend with your main account we will deposit the RP via gift to your main account)
  4. We deposit the RP amount in your account
  5. You are free to spend them however you like without any problems!

How do I get a temp password?

By saying “temporary password” we mean you can change your password to something new so we can use it to complete the transaction,
once transaction with us is complete you can change your password again so nobody else except you can access your account,
this way you secure your account.

Do you sell LoL RP Cards?

No we sell RP amounts based on the store but in discount!

How do i know i wont get scammed?

We are a private group who is based on how trustworthy we are, and we can prove it through our reviews on our page and comments with legit authentic proof from our customers who made deals with us successfully
most of our customers have returned and purchased again.

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